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Teaching Philosophy

Mastering the art of cross-country flying may not happen overnight, but there are certainly ways to speed up the process. Our approach revolves around cultivating skills that make us safer pilots, then progressing towards efficiency. The key lies in discipline, passion, and safety, as these foundations pave the way for a fruitful and inspiring learning experience for our clients. Our goal is for each client to feel motivated to continue exploring and surpassing their own limits.

  • IPPI 4 Flight License or Equivalent
  • Ability to take off and land safely and autonomously
  • Well-maintained and certified flying equipment
  • 2M Radio
  • Health Insurance
Who is this mentoring for?
  • Intermediate pilots looking to enhance their flying process, particularly with a focus on safety
  • Advanced pilots who feel stuck in their progress and might perceive gaps in their knowledge.
This mentoring is for you if…
  • You want to improve your thermal and XC flying skills
  • You fly well but don’t feel confident in your in-flight decisions
  • You’ve lost confidence in yourself
  • You have limited time on your hands and want to make the most of it
  • You want to dive into competitions around the world
  • You want to enhance your results and surpass yourself
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We'll dedicate a full day (7am to 7pm) based on daily conditions, selecting the most suitable flying site. We'll start with a pre-briefing, covering various essential topics. You'll have a flight with direct radio feedback, concluding with a debriefing to reflect on the day's experiences.
  • We will identify your strengths and weaknesses
  • We will define objectives and expectations for this session
  • Together, we will create a Work Plan and have a discussion to align with these objectives
  • Objective analysis of your flying equipment
  • Drawing from your piloting experience, we will design a flight route that is both achievable and challenging, pushing you to elevate your skills
  • We’ll conduct a pre-flight briefing
  • We’ll take to the skies, providing you with direct and real-time feedback via radio
  • After the flight, a thorough analysis and debriefing will take place
  • To conclude, we will solidify and reinforce the work plan
  • Life and safety always come first. In this mentorship, you will acquire a solid foundation for safety after and during your flight.
  • You’ll learn to blend with your environment, developing your judgment in analyzing meteorological conditions, harnessing them to your advantage and enhancing your flights.
  • To elevate your skills, I will impart my secrets for more efficient flying, rooted in discipline and attention to detail
  • The path is not without imperfections, and with it come emotional and mental challenges. I know this firsthand; I’ll give you my tricks to master these impulses and fly with a lighter heart.
  • Your equipment is your greatest ally. You will gain a profound understanding of every element of your flying gear, making it an extension of your body, your wings.
  • Day of coaching 1 a 1 : 600 chf
  • Day of coaching for 2 pilotos : 350 chf per pilot
  • Day of coaching for 3 people (maximum): 250 chf per pilot